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International group of companies AGROGALAXY® together with LLC "PALMA" offers comprehensive solutions for the registration and promotion of your products in Russia.

We have all the knowledge and skills for successful and quick registration of your product. Our experts have more than 17 years of experience in agrochemical consulting and registration. At the end of 2016, we registered for Russian and foreign customers in more than three hundred brands of pesticides, fertilizers, micronutrients and growth regulators.

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Sale, use of fertilizers and pesticides on the territory of Russia is prohibited without registering!

In accordance with article 3 of the Federal law of 19.07.1997 № 109-FZ “On safe handling with pesticides and agrochemicals” in trafficking are permitted pesticides and agrochemicals is only after their state registration and subsequent inclusion in the State catalogue of pesticides and agrochemicals permitted for use on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Read more about the registration process of agrochemicals and pesticides in Russia  (CLICK)

The registration process in Russia is complex and lengthy, occupying 1-3 years.

The duration of the registration of agrochemicals depends on the composition and novelty.

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Our system works with the client:


1. A letter of application or call

2. Preliminary examination of avalible data

3. Pre-Agreement with consulting

4. Pre-application to reg. authorities

5. Response from authorities = requirements and costs

6. Drawing up a plan to minimize registration costs

7. Agreement with consulting

8 Payment under the contract

9. Registration process starts

We will help you to registration.


Fungicides, Desiccants, Pheromones,  Molluscicides, Nematicides, Phytohormones, Repellents, Herbacides, Rodenticides.



Peat fertilizers, Mineral fertilizers, Soils, Microbiological fertilizers, Organic fertilizers, Fertilizers based on humic acids.

Services for registration of pesticides and agrochemicals include:

sample certificate of registration

  • prepare and revise the registration dossier, containing all the necessary;


  • information about the product (pesticide or agrochemical);


  • application to the Ministry of Agriculture;


  • obtaining the list of executing agencies and plan of registration studies;


  • design and signing the contracts with companies, carrying out the studies;


  • getting reports and protocols of the conducted studies and tests;


  • getting expert’s opinion;


  • send the test reports to the competent organizations;


  • applying for the examination of the substances application regulations with research reports and expert opinion attached;


  • conducting the examinations of the application regulations;


  • application and further examination of the results of the research;


  • obtaining the certificate of state registration of pesticide or agrochemical in the Ministry of Agriculture, in the Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor);


  • Inclusion of the pesticide or agrochemical into the State Register.


Organizational structure of our company is based on the principles of high quality services for ISO 9001:2015.



In addition to the complete maintenance check you will receive:


  • regular reporting on the project for the customer;


  • the confidentiality of data and information exchange;


  • archiving of documents.


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